Club Ride to Sticks and Stones Cafe Woodborough

01 SEP 2019

Race Category:
Sunday Club Ride 
Cleveland Bridge 

So... What happened?

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It was all going so well on for Anne Boleyn on this day in 1532 as she was made Marquess of Pembroke by her fiance Henry VII.  Sadly it didn't last....

Another sad anniversary for females as in 1914 the last known carrier pigeon called Martha died in Cincinnati zoo.

We are heading east today to Woodborough.  Two routes below.

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David Oliver

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on Sat 31 Aug at 8:37 AM, Danny King said:

Thanks David

on Fri 30 Aug at 8:54 AM, David Stoyle said:

Danny - I have produced a route for double espresso - Its 120kms and 1100m of climbing - 78kms before coffee and 42kms after. I am not out to lead. https://www.strav...

on Thu 29 Aug at 7:59 PM, Danny King said:

Is this the route that the double espresso group will be riding on Sunday? I’m trying to plan if I jump on near home or drive in to the start. If there is a WhatsApp group I can join that would be great. Thanks